Yoon Jin Sol Lee

Hello, world. I am Sol.
I design. I draw. I code. I am the person who strongly believe that design can help people by embracing all challenges and possibilities to transform creativity into a reality.

I am currently pursuing MFA in Visual Communication Design at Rochester Institute of Technology in New York. You can find me easily at VCDE lab with piles of sketches. Before being adjust myself wearing a pair of snow boots, I was the one who do not bring an umbrealla 'cause I came from beautiful Seattle. And a big fan of Seahawks and San Francisco Giants, so you know where I am if I have free time. Oh, I play the guitar. And...sing, too

I love the moments to find new perspectives and patterns as a visual communicator, and excited about all the chance to make something to change the world in better place (even that is really small change) with the power of good design. And, I love all the process of making. All.