Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2016


The Brief

Shape the brand with simple but unique theme in print and digital platform

Hotel Flourish is a fictional boutique hotel on the lower east side of New York City. The Logotype and icon set are designed to attract customers to the unique style and beautiful aesthetic of Hotel Flourish. The logotype visually embodies the majestic personality of Grand Central station, and iconography has a complimentary consistent style.


School Project


Visual Design


3 weeks


2016 Spring



Grid System
Same x-height

Coaster Design


4 inch by 4 inch square coaster.
Printed on an 80 point cotton paper on a letterpress and finished with corner rounding and die cutting.


Hotel Flourish Inspiration


First drafts
- Train map of the lower East area of New York City
- Typography vocabulary about direction and speed
- Quotes about travel Inspiration
- Use the color of the 1 train line of NYC subways
- "Centered" is the location of Hotel Flourish on the NYC map

Icon set

Integration platform
The icon set has the same style as the hotel’s logotype and integrates the open space and angles as a metaphor of train speed and direction. The icons represent amenities, and are meant to bring a pleasing user experience when accessing the web & mobile sites of Hotel Flourish.

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