The Brief

Rochester Public Market is
more than a place to buy local produce.

This City-run market has been the first date and picnic spot to Rochester residents since 1905. Now, City of Rochester has launched approximately $8 million in needed renovations and additions, to improve Market amenities and the experience for vendors and shoppers.

School Project

UX / UI / Visual Design

4 weeks

2016 Fall

Rochester Public Market mobile application

What people want to do at Rochester Public Market?

To find a direction of my design solutions, I conducted a user research to discover user pattern and their pain points. I visited Rochester Public Market and had conversation to find out user pain points. In addition, I sent questionnaires to 25 Rochester residents via e-mail and in-person regarding their expectation for better experience with re-newed Rochester Public Market. The result like this:


Poor Wayfinding System

of visitors think navigation is the hardest experience at Rochester Public Market since lacks of wayfinding materials


Low Interaction

of visitors want to get latest notificaitons about the market inclduing information about cultural events and new seasonal items


Weak Brand

of visitors said the brand identity is confusing with the logo of City of Rochester since its similarity and busy typefaces


Mobile Usage

of visitors tend to use mobile devices to navigate and want to have an interactive mobile application for wayfinding


Parking Stress

of residents are using their own cars to visit the market, but also parking place is very busy and waste time to find a spot

Design Problem

“How visitors at Rocheter Public Market can find a right direction for shopping and entertaining through interactive application with comfortable and convenient user experience?”


Providing a mobile interactive design system, which can enhance user experience and bring more returned customers to vendors with following features:

+ Voice recognition user interface for accessibility
+ Can save users' favorites for vendors and events

Real-time Maps with API

GPS tracking service to provide efficient navigations on web and mobile

Fresh News with Apples

Notification system based on
user's preference and favorites

Same Name But Better

Stronger and catchy brand identity
for the final piece of positive impression


From finding the location of market to leave with fresh produces and good conversation, Rochester Public Market mobile application offers intuitive interaction to residents, visitors, and newcomers to enjoy the culture

Visual Design


Original Logo

New Logo Suggestion
- Inspired by the shed, which is a signature of Rochester Public Market, its arch and pointy top shape are used
- Blue and white are used, which is primary colors for City of Rochester Brand Logo

Final Screens


Device: iPhone 6/6s/7
Operating System: iOS 10.1

Final Screens

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