Customers have been felt difficulty at steps of ordering sandwiches on mobile application with complex interfaces.

WASSUB is a mobile application design concept that help busy people build their own sub fast.


School Project


UX / UI Design


4 weeks


2015 Spring


- Complexity of selecting ingredients
- Waste of time for navigating each stage
- Unfriendly feedback for selections
- Cannot feel freshment


Easy user interface design for everyone,
regardless of age

WASSUB provides customers the easy and enjoyable mobile ordering platform to build their own sandwiches anywhere and to get feedback for every steps until pick up.

- Provides previous order history
- Visualized UI which is simple and easy to use and interact
- Navigating each stage easily with a slider
- User feedback with a preview of selected menus
- Humorous UI elements with bright colors and icons

Target Market

Age 18-45 years old
Location Urban area
Income 30,000-90,000

They are thinking about...
- Time is money
- Fast but healthy food will enhance the quality of life


Flowchart & Wireframe

Like a submarine sandwich, WASSUB is located between two bars, which is representing rolls, to be offering fresh and delicious sub to customer everyday

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